A monster of a fuzz pedal.

Eau Claire, WI (May 8, 2015) -- As soon as we heard the original Silver Rose, we knew we had to re-release it. It was monster fuzz pedal that covered tremendous sonic territory…and we added more. It covers all the ground of the original with some serious improvements, like swapping out the IC Muff clone for a streamlined version of the Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire Thunder for an even greater tonal range.


  • The Super Fuzz circuit creates a wide variety of “old school” tones, from raspy classic rock to grinding, mid scooped doom fuzz.
  • The Eau Claire Thunder picks up the other end of the fuzz spectrum, warm and wooly, but with aggressive distortion on tap as well.
  • The redesigned EQ can get you +/- 10db on both treble and bass.
  • A clean blend, with a dedicated volume control.
  • The Super Fuzz, Eau Claire Thunder and the Clean blend all have dedicated volume controls.
  • An auxiliary clean output, always sending a clean signal out for advanced routing or signal splitting.

This beauty will fit in anywhere, starting with a simple clean boost, covering classic rock sounds, all the way up to today’s heaviest metals. The effortless mixing of 3 distinct signals allows for brand new sounds as well as familiar combinations that used to require a separate mixer. It’s just as effective with a bass as it is with the six string, as you’ve come to expect from us. It’s true bypass, and runs on an industry standard 9v center negative power plug.

This fuzz to end all fuzz will retail for $350. The first 50 Silver Rose pedals in an exclusive sexy white enclosure will be shipping out to Chicago Music Exchange May 2015. They will be available everywhere else August 1, 2015.

Watch the company's guitar video demo:

Watch the company's bass video demo:

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