A boost, reverb, and delay packed in a single stomp.

Los Angeles, CA (September 19, 2019) -- Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Have your ever yearned for a simple, one-click solution to boost your leads? One single pedal that engages a pure, transparent volume boost, sparkling clear reverb, and smooth, ambient digital delay with a tap tempo AND a modulation switch? Yearn no longer. The Dunable Eidolon is the one stomp stop for all things lead guitar, and also serves as a beautiful sounding reverb/delay for any non-lead situation.

This idea was brought to Dunable by guitarist Dave Davidson, someone who has traveled the globe playing over a thousand gigs with his bands Revocation and Gargoyl. He was lamenting the cumbersomeness of carrying clean boost, reverb, and delay pedals just to accent his solos, not to mention having to click three pedals on and off at the same time. He wanted just one box that turned it all on, and realized there was not another pedal on the market that did what he needed. After over a year of development, we have finally gotten the design exactly where he wanted it, and together we now proudly present it to you.

The Eidolon is ideally used in the effects loop of an amplifier, so that it boosts and "wettens" the amp's preamp tone you are already using, but it also works great in front of an amp or after most drive pedals.


  • up to 20db of clean volume boost
  • digital delay with time and feedback controls
  • mod switch to add modulation to delay trails
  • tap tempo footswitch
  • hall reverb with level and "color" controls
  • true bypass
  • engineered in the USA by Electronic Audio Experiments
  • manufactured in the USA by Damnation Audio

Price: $259

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Dunable Guitars

The 4-day event will feature clinics and performances hosted by guitar stars Tosin Abasi, Guthrie Trapp, Brent Mason, Mark Lettieri, Greg Koch, and more.

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Fig. 1

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