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Dunlop Pure Nickel and Ukulele Strings Now Shipping

Two new string sets from Dunlop.

Benicia, CA (July 24, 2012) –String up with Dunlop Pure Nickels for a rich, vintage vibe and modern quality and consistency.

A new addition to the Dunlop Strings family, Dunlop Pure Nickels are specially formulated for old school warmth, excellent sustain and a smooth mid-range. Made from the finest 92% nickel wrap and steel hex core materials, Dunlop Pure Nickel Strings offer players a distinct range of tonal shading well-suited for rock, blues and jazz.

Dunlop Ukulele Strings offer a traditional balance of warm overtones and superb clarity with excellent dynamics and sustain.

Made with a proprietary blend of nylon monofilament for improved flexibility and longevity, each set of Ukulele Strings is balanced string to string, whether for soprano, tenor or concert ukuleles, and every string is inspected with laser precision technology to ensure quality and consistency.

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