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EDG Guitars Releases the Toroidal Tuner

EDG Guitars releases their new tuner which can go from a 41:1 gear ration up to a 100:1 gear ratio.

Miami, FL (June 14, 2013) -- EDG Guitars will unveil its new guitar tuner at the Summer NAMM 2013, booth #1667. According to the company this new device overcomes the limitations inherent to the traditional gear-and-worm tuners currently in use. Called the Toroidal Tuner, it offers features never before available in a single device, like letting the user bypass the gears by winding the string directly using an Allen wrench, a screwdriver, or even a penny, making string replacement a breeze. String lock is optional.

The high gear ratio (41:1 standard, up to 100:1 possible) makes it so smooth that the knob can be turned with one finger. Additionally, backlash is eliminated. The end result is a much quicker, precise and stable tuning. Based on a modified gear-and-worm drive, it presents the advantages of a linear (nut-and-screw) tuner while keeping the format, flexibility and unlimited range of a traditional machine head. It is the result of several years of research and development at EDG Guitars.

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