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Engl Amps Releases the Invader II

Engl Amps Releases the Invader II

Engl now offers the Sound Wizard Module as an option on the Invader II.

Bochum, Germany (January 22, 2014) -- The ENGL INVADER II features an improved channel design with 2 Clean channels and 2 Overdrive channels, all switchable between a HI or Low Gain mode plus a SOUND switch that changes the character per channel. That’s a total tonal variety of 16 basic sounds.

As an option, ENGL offers the new ENGL SOUND WIZARD MODULE E-16. This module is a tone hunters dream come true. Inserted in the back of the amp, the module offers 12 sound options for all 16 basic sounds to customize and fine tune the desired tones.

  • Channel 1: Bell like Clean to Class A Crunch
  • Channel 2: Warm Clean to British 70ties Crunch/ Classic Rock
  • Channel 3: / Rhythm to NU- Rock / Metal Rhythm/Lead
  • Channel 4: Classic 80ties Hot Rod Overdrive to ENGL Invader Signature Leads.


  • 4 channels, 3stage EQs incl. logarithmic treble curve, Sound Switch for all channels
  • Separate gain & volume controls for each channel
  • HI / LO Gain switch for each channel
  • Noise Gate with Threshold adjust
  • 2 parallel FX loops programmable via MIDI
  • 4 x ECC 83 / 12 AX 7 preamp tubes.
  • Tuner Out activated via Standby switch.
  • Volume Ratio Control to balance volume between HI/LO gain modes.

Master Section:

  • 100 watts ( 4 EL 34 tubes)
  • Master A / B switch
  • Presence & Depth Punch control for poweramp soundshaping
  • Electronic Tube Protection circuit and Powertube Monitoring System.


  • Midi IN / THRU, ENGL Z 9 Footswitch
  • 2 x 1/4“ jacks for ENGL Z 4 footswitch
  • 2 x FX Send
  • 2 x FX Return
  • 2 x FX Balance
  • Speaker Outs, 2x4, 2x 8, 1x 16 Ohms
  • Midi programmable functions at a glance storable on 128 Midi presets in any combination as needed
  • Channel switching
  • Master A / B, Sound, FX Loop 1 & 2,Noise Gate, AmpMute
  • Dimensions & Weight 71 x 27 x 29 cm, 21 kg

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