The ESO-C offers options for woods, pickups, hardware, knob placement and more.

San Luis Obispo, CA (March 6, 2012) -- Esoterik Guitars has announced their fully customizable ESO-C Custom guitar with options for woods, pickups, hardware, knob placement and more.

The ESO-C offers your choice of:

• Body: Mahogany/Alder
• Neck: Walnut/Maple
• Headstock Overlay: Ebony/Rosewood/Koa
• Pickups: EMG/Seymour Duncan
• Knob Placement: Out of the way/Close volume
• Hardware: Floyd Rose/Kahler/TonePros with GraphTech nut and saddles
• Fret Board Pearl Dots: Centered/Bass Side/None
• Cover Plate Laser Engraving: E logo/Sun logo/Embryo logo/None

This model also features 24 Jumbo Frets, Neck Through Design, 25.5” Scale Length, Unique Body Contours, Dual Truss Rods and a Natural Oil Finish. All Esoterik Guitars are designed and hand crafted with the highest quality standards in San Luis Obispo, CA. The ESO-C suggested retail price is $3295 and can be designed and purchased directly at the company's website.

For more information:
Esoterik Guitars

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