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EvenMidi Launches the Pitchy MIDI Controller

A controller designed to work with a variety of MIDI effects.

Villeurbanne, France (March 8, 2018) -- EvenMidi has launched the new Pitchy MIDI controller, a rugged footpedal designed to working in conjunction with these well-known effectors: Eventide H9 or PitchFactor; DigiTech Whammy 4; DigiTech Whammy 5/Bass; and DigiTech Whammy DT.

Using MIDI protocol, the Pitchy offers the opportunity for players to:

  • Recall all Whammy presets (Shallow & Deep included) on Eventide H9 or Pitchfactor by using only one preset (Pitchflex algorithm) with same feeling (encoder) as Whammy.
  • Use it with your expression pedal calibrated as you want
  • Recreate Ricochet effect with footswitch when you don't want to use an expression pedal
  • Make it works with all digitech Whammy with MIDI and all modes included (classic/chords for WH5/WHBass and Drop Tune for WHDT). Now, you can rack your whammy without losing the cool encoder scrolling sound :)
  • Create a Sequencer with edition and tap tempo (24 presets)


  • MIDI controller for Eventide H9/PitchFactor, Digitech Whammy 4, 5, DT & Bass
  • 1 Encoder to access to 21 presets
  • 1 "soft(quiet)" momentary footswitch
  • Midi OUT
  • Expression pedal Input TRS + Calibration
  • Ricochet Mode + Ricochet speed settings up and down
  • Three Mini Sequencer 1/8th notes, 1/12 notes(triplet) and 1/16th notes
  • 8 presets for each Sequencer with tempo saved
  • Sequencer Editor + test + save
  • Tap tempo on encoder switch
  • Use Global tempo or Preset Tempo Mode
  • 9volt DC operation using standard jack
  • Screenprinted enclosure
  • Firmware update with miniUSB
  • Size : 60(l)x 120(w)x 40(h)mm. Power supply not included.

Price: $142 shipping included.

Watch the company's video demo:

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