A dual-tremolo pedal with individual speed, depth, and volume controls.

Los Angeles, CA (September 19, 2017) -- F-Pedals unveils the Tremelon, a classic dual tremolo featuring two completely independent engines.

The control panel is divided in two sections: Turbo and Slowmo. They allow users to control separately the volume, depth and speed of each tremolo engine. Use the Turbo mode for a faster frequency and slightly more triangle square wave sound. The Slowmo has a slower speed range and is more of a sine wave.

It also features custom black chrome bolts and diffuse LED lights potentiometers with position indicators.

By keeping the volume of one of the two tremolos at zero, Tremelon will work as a single tremolo and when combining the two engines together the user creates unique patterns never heard before in such a compact unit. The volume control as a boost from 50% (control at 12 O’clock) and up to avoid the loss of signal common in tremolo effects, or for simply to get a more driven sound.

Another great feature is the ability to control the speed of each tremolo engine by foot, using the optional FXP external expression pedal sold separately. The expression control can be used on Turbo and Slowmo simultaneously by using two expression pedals.

As all the other F-Pedals Tremelon is compatible with standard 9V DC supply (center negative) and is extremely compact, light weighted and portable (3.6’’ x 2.0’’ x 1.5’’)

The Suggested Retail Price is $139.

Watch the company's video demo:

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