Freaking Sick Electronics Introduces the Thirty Volt Overdrive

The Thirty Volt Overdrive features a voltage selector that lets you choose between 3, 15, and 30 volts.

Phoenix, AZ (February 25, 2014) -- Two years of intense R&D has produced what F.S.E. customers are calling “the holy grail of overdrives.” Pete Thorn says it sounds “just like the overdrive channel on a great amp.” Yes, it’s a freaking sick pedal.

The 30 Volt Overdrive is not a pedal with just one sweet spot. It’s so full of sweet spots that many who’ve purchased it now use it as their only overdrive.

30 Volts takes you to places you’ve only dreamed of. Listen to it NOW! CAUTION . . . you will have to have one.


  • Bass, Treble, Presence, Output, and Drive controls.
  • Vintage/Modern switch.
  • Voltage Selector (3, 15, and 30V): control the headrom and dynamic response of the 30V OD.
  • Relay-based true-bypass with Soft-Touch footswitch.
  • Full-size 24mm potentiometers and mil-spec resistors.
  • Operates on industry standard 9VDC supply. The voltage conversion takes place internally.

The 30 Volt Overdrive is available for $299 with the trade-in of any pedal, working or not, and can be purchased online. Full retail price: $345

For more information:
Freaking Sick

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