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Free the Tone Unveils the String Slinger and Fire Mist

The String Slinger aims to hit the American blues sound symbolized during the classic "blackface" period.

Free The Tone

Kanagawa, Japan (April 23, 2018) -- The Free The Tone String Slinger and the Fire Mist are the first two overdrive pedals in our new Integrated Series, which was started as Free th Tone’s 15th anniversary project. The String Slinger revives that ideal American Blues sound symbolized by the classic "blackface" period. Its viscous, clean-to-crunch tone with moderate compression feel is aimed at blues players. The Fire Mist renders edgy, traditional British-rock sounds with outstanding response.

The String Slinger and the Fire Mist highlights include:

  • New HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) Circuit is implemented. Unlike conventional buffer circuits, this newly designed circuit brings out individual sound characteristics of your guitar and amplifier to the utmost while providing impedance conversion and establishing both the ideal sound and low noise.
  • Free the Tone custom turned brass knob reduce vibrations in the shaft and wiper of the semi-fixed resistor used for each control and to suppress harmonic components that adversely affect sound.
  • Free the Tone's unique IC Tone Plate for damping and shielding covers the top of an IC chip to make the most of the characteristics of the IC and to prevent noise contamination to the utmost.
  • Passive Tone Circuit: We adopted a passive tone circuit that minimizes the phase shift in guitar signals.

The String Slinger and Fire Mist both carry a suggested retail price of $350.00, and can be purchased after June 10, 2018, through our North American dealers listed at:

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