free the tone

Using high-speed signal processing with a dedicated DSP and analog & digital audio circuits we perfected over time, this compact unit attains high sound quality.

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The String Slinger aims to hit the American blues sound symbolized during the classic "blackface" period.

Free The Tone

Kanagawa, Japan (April 23, 2018) -- The Free The Tone String Slinger and the Fire Mist are the first two overdrive pedals in our new Integrated Series, which was started as Free th Tone’s 15th anniversary project. The String Slinger revives that ideal American Blues sound symbolized by the classic "blackface" period. Its viscous, clean-to-crunch tone with moderate compression feel is aimed at blues players. The Fire Mist renders edgy, traditional British-rock sounds with outstanding response.

The String Slinger and the Fire Mist highlights include:

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An analog effect with digital control.

Kanagawa, Japan (December 1, 2017) -- The Free The Tone PA-1QG (for guitar)/PA-1QB (for bass) is an epoch-making device produced by pursuing integration of digital and analog technologies. At first glance the PA-1QG/B looks like a digital equalizer effects unit but it is an “analog equalizer.” Including I/O sections, its equalizer circuits through which the guitar/bass signals pass are all fully analog and contour the rich tones of your guitar/bass as analog signals. The PA-1QG/ B is an analog effects unit, but its parameter control section is a digital circuit that can precisely store and process the status of various parameters in the digital domain. This enables real-time parameter control via presets and MIDI.


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