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Free the Tone Announces the RF Phase Modulation Delay Future Factory FF-1Y

A modulation machine that features a random fluctuating phase modulation function.

Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan (January 24, 2019) -- “Creation of a new sound” ― this was the motto for the development of the Future Factory FF-1Y. In general, the phase of a low frequency oscillator (LFO) used in these modulation circuits changes regularly at a preset frequency. However in the Future Factory we succeeded in creating a new modulation sound with a unique method in which the signal’s phase changes at random when the signal crosses a certain attenuation level. This creates an unprecedented effect in which a fluctuating spacious sound seems to float in the air.


  • World-first Random Fluctuating Phase Modulation Function
  • 3-Band Equalizer, Soft Clipping and Dual Delay Units connectable in parallel or series
  • 32-bit High-Precision DSP
  • Built-in HTS Circuit and Analog Mixer
  • Instrument and Line Input Level Switching
  • Delay Phase Invert, Trail Function, Tap Input
  • MIDI Support (128 Presets)

Future Factory FF-1Y carries a suggested retail price of $420.00, and can be purchased after March 21, 2019, through our North American dealers listed at:

Watch the company's video demo:

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