Free The Tone Releases the Direct Volume DVL-1

The mechanism uses the company's Full-Rotation Belt Drive system to give the variable resistor full rotation.

Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan (December 13, 2019) -- Free the Tone unveils the Direct Volume DVL-1H, a volume pedal with a unique Full-Rotation Belt-Drive System. It adopts a gear and belt mechanism to drive the variable resistor linearly and link pedal operation directly to volume change. Volume is controlled smoothly and musically with smooth rotation and an optimized volume curve. The Full-Rotation Belt-Drive system in the DVL-1H has been carefully designed so that the variable resistor fully rotates from its minimum to maximum positions.


  • Free the Tone’s unique Full-Rotation Belt-Drive system is implemented.
  • The DVL-1H eliminates the variable resistor’s unusable range, and prevents a decrease in volume when connected.
  • The belt and gear drives the variable resistor linearly and links pedal operation directly to volume change.
  • The belt used in the system is reinforced with metal wires and prevents loosening or breakage due to aging.

Direct Volume carries a suggested retail price of $360.00, and can be purchased after January 20, 2020 through our North American dealers.

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