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"рAs a teen, I worked on my grandparentsу farm walking beans and earned enough to buy my first electric guitar in у75 or у76,с remembers Brook Hoover, who plays guitar in a surf rock/rockabilly band called the Surf Zombies, operates a home studio, and teaches guitar lessons. рThe first one that showed up in the want ads was a red Fender Mustang much like this oneяI was attracted to the white pearloid pickguard, whammy bar and shiny chrome.с Shortly after acquiring his first mid-у60s Mustang, Hoover got his first real tube amp: a у61 Fender Princeton. Lucky for Hoover, the price tag for the Princeton included a Maestro Fuzz-Toneяa favorite of Keith Richards and Pete Townshendяthat was found lying in the cab. The brownface Princeton has a single 7025 dual triode in the preamp, a 12AX7 dual triodeяone half operates the tremolo and the other half serves as a split-load phase inverterяand two 6V6GT power tubes. "

Linda Manzer and Pat Metheny’s collaboration on the Pikasso guitar proves that a good creative chemistry between luthier and client can lead to extreme innovation!

Photo by Brian Pickell

The construction of your dream guitar can be a fun journey, but learning the language is essential.

You’ve visited countless websites, played as many guitars as you could lay your hands on, and zeroed in on the luthier that resonates most with you. You’re ready to take the plunge and your next step is to have a conversation with the builder. You’ll both have lots of questions. Be sure to listen and let them guide you through the process. This is when the fun begins.

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Megadeth founder teams up with Gibson for his first acoustic guitar in the Dave Mustaine Collection.

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The bass wiz and author shares deep wisdom about bass, music, and more.

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