The RPA (which stands for Richie’s Pre Amp) emulates Richie Blackmore’s post-1974 sound

BSM RPA Treble Booster
Another entry from the workshop of mad scientist/tone historian Bernd Meiser, the RPA (which stands for Richie’s Pre Amp) emulates Richie Blackmore’s post-1974 sound: an AIWA TP-1011 reel-to-reel tape recorder’s preamp and a heavily hot-rodded Marshall Major 200.

The RPA has both Gain and EQ controls to help compensate for different amp and pickup combinations, allowing you to achieve that very specific target tone without having to use exactly the same gear. Though the distinction between pre- and post-1974 Blackmore might be too fine for many players, it’s easy to appreciate the dedication to detail that went into making this pedal. It sent me rummaging through an old box of cassette tapes to find some late Purple and some early Rainbow, and it made me want to see if I could emulate that tone with an LP Studio and a modeling amp. I can’t say if I was entirely successful, but I learned some things for having tried—and it was fun. If this is not the BSM boost for you, find the one that is and buy it. – CB
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you’re all about the Blackmore.
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there’s another BSM pedal calling your name.
MSRP $479.99 - BSM -

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