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Gallery: Bonnaroo 2015

Guitar highlights from the farm, which may be the most eclectic musical experience out there.

It started in 2002 and quickly earned a reputation among jam-band enthusiasts, but now in the 14th year of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, even the artists who play it can’t help proclaiming it the “best music festival in America.” The hundreds of acts encompass all genres, but so do the events, which for 2015 included a big-screen showing of the Game of Thrones finale, appearances from celebs like Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis, and other comedians, and lots of boob painting and bare skin.

But it’s about music, right? About 80,000 enthusiasts descended on the storied farm in Manchester, Tennessee, becoming inhabitants of the Roo—aka “Bonnaruvians”—for a while. And while there were so many great musical moments during these four days of sonic freedom and escape, for our purposes we focus on a 6-string perspective among the selfie sticks, free hugs, and $1,500 Uber helicopter rides.