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GALLERY: Eric Clapton's 2011 Crossroads Centre Auction Highlights

Highlights from Clapton''s March 2011 auction of 150+ guitars and amps to benefit the Crossroads Centre Antigua

1957 Fender Twin Amp - Model 5E8A
"This vintage tweed amp acquired by Clapton in the early 1980s and extensively modified by Cesar Diaz in 1986 became Claptonуs favorite studio amp, and after the 24 Nights blues shows at the Royal Albert Hall in 1991, became his stage amp. It was extensively used on tours during the 1990s including: Claptonуs appearances at the 1992 Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration and Nothing But the Blues/From the Cradle Tours of 1994/1995, Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute in 1995, The Hyde Park concert in 1996 as well as countless tours in the 1990s and recordings sessions. This amp continued to serve Clapton in the studio after John Suhr at Fender Custom Shop built its replicas for stage use. This amp has helped to define the sound of Eric Clapton for the last 15 years and can be described as one of the most significant guitar amps of his remarkable career. Est. $8,000-12,000 Copyright ╘ 2002-2010 Bonhams 1793 Ltd., Images and Text All Rights Reserved"