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GALLERY: Gear Ads of the 1980s, Volume II

No, this isn't déjà vu, take another trip back in time to see the gear, hair, and clothes that made the '80s most excellent—party on, dudes!

Electro-Voice ER Speakers

Synth Lady: You guys really think I slashed them enough? I mean, I still gotta have pockets
Guitarist: Um, I have some concerns here. First off, these are good jeans, and I'll be damned if I'm going to cut them up. Second, I thought we'd settled on the whole mountain-man surf-music thing.
Sax Man: DAMN, girl, those pants make me want to sax you up right now.
Vocalist: Guys, guys, let's just calm down. Breathe in and out in and out. Maybe we can make this work for us, y'know, like, the New Village People, or something. The important thing is that we are one. BE the music.

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