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GALLERY: NAMM 2015 - Day 4

A wrap up of the final day of NAMM 2015.


DigiTech debuted its new Trio Band Creator pedal at NAMM. A powerful tool for practice, songwriting, and even busking, the Trio analyzes progressions and riffs you play into it—including tempo, key, and chord progression—then pumps out bass and drum backing tracks in a variety of selectable genres and playing feels. Create multi-part songs, and the pedal follows your transitions remarkably smoothly. The various functions are controlled via single, double, and held taps of the footswitch, or you can use an optional three-button stomp. There's a mixer output that'll send everything to your amp or P.A., and you can either use onboard overdrive and distortion or send your guitar sound out to your pedalboard and amp separately.