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Gallery: Riot Fest 2019

Chicago’s three-day, punk-rock carnival was host to Slayer, Jawbreaker, Raconteurs, Patti Smith, Rise Against, Bob Mould, Rancid, Bikini Kill, Lucero, the Struts, and more. Here are our favorite guitar-related moments from the 15th annual gathering.

Against Me

Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace

Laura Jane Grace and her compadres in Against Me! were one of the acts listed as playing an album from front to back (a Riot Fest tradition), but not to be outdone by their contemporaries, the band ran through not only Reinventing Axl Rose, but they torched the crowd with Transgender Dysmorphia Blues. As for LJG’s beautiful, black Ricky, it’s a rare, three-pickup 370 model that’s been upgraded with a Mastery bridge. (Learn more about it in our 2014 Rig Rundown.)