Situated in the heart of downtown Atlanta, this three-day festival included acts like the Kills, My Morning Jacket, Eagles of Death Metal, Deftones, At the Drive-In, Explosions in the Sky, and more.

Explosions in the Sky’s Michael James

When the band records all of the members take up multiple instruments, but Michael James was the only one to bounce from bass and guitar during their Sunday night set at Shaky Knees. When he wasn’t rocking a Fender P bass, he spent quality time with a road-worn ’90s Ibanez Talman with lipstick-tube pickups.

Taylor AD27e Demo | First Look

A creatively executed all solid-maple dread' sings with sweet sustain and in mellow moods.

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Master builder Dennis Galuszka recreates the legendary "Chicago" guitarist's legacy with a collectible, limited run guitar.

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