In our inaugural Show Us Your Gear Gallery, we feature the go-to instruments of our readers.

"This is a hollow-body telecaster that I built about two years ago. The top, back and sides are 1/16"" aluminum, at the neck is a 3/4"" block welded in. It has two 1/8"" rails that run from the neck down to the tail. Where the strings go in is a 3"" heavy channel and the bridge is bolted down to it. It has one Seymour Duncan Hot Rail, with a mini toggle that separates the rails for single-coil or humbucker. The guitar has a Squier Strat neck which plan to change to an American Strat neck. The guitar is well-balanced and light, with crystal clear tones for clean playing and really ignites when playing metal-type music. When I first built it, I said if it doesn't sound good I will hang it on my wall. After plugging it in I couldn't believe my ears. So, it has become my favorite ax! - Russ St. George"