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GALLERY: Show Us Your Gear - Favorite Overdrive/Distortion

From classics to modded classics, boutique to budget, Premier Guitar readers submit the tools they use to get dirty.

Stigtronics Fat Classic
"Aaron Enneking says about the Fat Classic, ""My go-to pedal, and absolute favorite is my Stigtronics Fat Classic. I lived in Bloomington, IN, for a long time and the amp repair guy for Roadworthy Guitars makes these pedals. Being a frequent visitor of their store while in college at IU, I tried the Fat Classic and instantly fell in love with it. After at least 15 to 20 different overdrive/distortion pedals I found a pedal that responds to your playing the way an overdriven amp does but with the increased gain you expect from a pedal! I'd never heard a pedal with this dynamic range...the guitar stays natural sounding with a Tone knob that actually doesn't make the sound more and more brittle the brighter you set it! It truly gets that pushed vintage amp sound with all of he frequency response you'd expect from an amp. The sound is huge and my band, Glass Halo, wouldn't sound the way it does without it."""