Premier Guitar readers show us their boards!

"This is the larger version of Robert's board, he called ""my noisemaker hiss factory."" The signal path is a Keeley Looper, DigiTech Whammy, Dunlop GCB95 Wah, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi, Boss OC-3, Boss BF-3, MXR EVH Phase 90, back into the looper, then Fulltone OCD, MXR Wylde Overdrive, Boss DD-3, Line 6 DL4, MXR Carbon Copy, TC Electronic PolyTune to amp. He says the board has too much hiss to take out in public, and has a smaller board (not pictured) with the Keeley Looper, Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Wah, MXR EVH Phase 90, Fulltone Catalyst, Fulltone OCD, Boss DD-3, Line 6 DL4, MXR Carbon Copy, and TC Electronic PolyTune."
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