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Gibson’s Self-Tuning Guitar

Gibson’s Self-Tuning Guitar

Powertune Introduced on a Les Paul

Nashville, TN (September 14, 2007) – The idea and the technology have been around for a while but no one has ever marketed a completely self-contained, self-tuning, name-brand guitar. Until now.

Gibson guitars has unveiled its Powertune Les Paul. The company is touting Powertune as the first fully functional, performance-ready,non-obtrusive automated tuning system that is practical for use by the professional guitarist.

The Powertune system operates solely from the guitar with no external connections or interface from a third-party device. Here’s how it works: you activate the guitar’s Master-Control Knob, strum the strings lightly and within seconds the Powertune’s digital brain and Powerhead tuners work together to tune the guitar.

Powertune can dial in any open or alternate tuning. The Master-Control Knob has preset tunings for open E, dropped D, double-dropped D, DADGAD, open G and Hendrix Tuning (half-step down).

Gibson’s Powertune Les Paul is a genuine Gibson USA Les Paul with no other modifications. The Powertune System is virtually invisible, barring the covered tuning motors on the back of the headstock. From the audience’s perspective, only the Master Control Knob distinguishes it from any other Gibson electric. When pushed down, the Master Control Knob functions as a standard Tone control. Tonally, the Powertune System is “entirely, actually, invisible” according to Gibson. It tunes the guitar but doesn’t change your tone.

Powertune is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that gives you more than 200 tunings. It connects to its charging unit (included) through a regular 1/4” guitar cord. No power jacks are installed in the guitar. In the event that you are caught out with a low battery, the Powerheads can function as standard tuners for manual tuning.

In addition to the Powertune-equipped Les Paul Standard, Gibson is also releasing a Powertune-equipped Flying V, an SG and a Les Paul Studio.

Gibson Les Paul Standard Powertune System: MSRP $1349

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