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Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz Pedal Review

This silicon-powered circuit is quite the chameleon, all thanks to an understated Tone control.

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Download example 1
Volume at 10:00, Tone at 9:00, Fuzz at 4:00; a deep, thick wall of fuzz.
Download example 2
Volume at 10:00, Tone at 4:00, Fuzz at 1:30; a biting lead fuzz tone.
Guitar by Randall Davis. Recorded with an Ampeg AMG100 and a modified Epiphone Valve Junior stack featuring an Eminence Red Coat 12”, through a Shure SM57 and into a ProSonus Audiobox interface.
Hailing from the taiga forests and icy climes of Finland, Mad Professor’s Fire Red Fuzz brings some European civility to the down and dirty world of fuzz boxes. Featuring three white knobs—Volume, Tone and Fuzz—atop a (heavily built) fire engine red box, the first thing you’ll notice is that this pedal would be exceptionally easy to identify on a dark stage. The second thing you’ll notice is that this silicon-powered circuit is quite the chameleon, all thanks to an understated Tone control.

With the control set at 8 o’ clock, the Fire Red Fuzz produces a deep, mellow fuzz reminiscent of a classic rock festival; turning the Tone to noon provides a slight midcut and a modern tonality; rotating it all the way to the right rewards users with a bright, electric wire tonality, perfect for cutting sharp solos (I should mention that it never became too biting or thin). While the Fuzz knob can itself provide a broad range of thickness, from a subtle fuzz around the perimeter to a crushing wall of bricks, the rate of return ultimately drops off after 2 o’clock, with some of that early nuance disappearing. That said, this pedal has to be one of the most versatile fuzzes I’ve played with, and I frequently found myself clicking it on, even with an array of other fuzzes and ODs at my feet.

There’s plenty of volume to be had here, the Fire Red Fuzz features a deeply compressed sound at every point and sustain for days. Although the current weakness of the dollar has effectively positioned this offering from Mad Professor at the top end of the boutique price scale, if you’re looking for a versatile, great sounding fuzz, you would definitely be wise to look here. – AM

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MSRP $347 - Mad Professor -