A light and compact modulation machine that delivers unique phase and vibrato textures.

With Eddie Kramer’s name on the enclosure, it’s natural to assume F-Pedals’ petite Phaze Vibe Lite is a Jimi-inspired vibe for the space constrained. It isn’t—at least not exclusively. But that’s one of the coolest things about this little pedal. It’s a multi-modulation machine that generates fairly classic sounding phaser and vibe sounds as well as a few unique hybrid modulation tones that are less familiar, but very effective.

The Phaze Vibe isn’t the most robust pedal. The plastic underside of the enclosure and modulation function switch both feel chintzy. There are also some performance inconsistencies. The Mod 1 mode, for example, is oddly quiet.

The sounds themselves, though, are cool. Mod 1 crosses a Uni-Vibe type sound and a phaser. F-pedals calls Mod 2 a “wah-wah vibe,” and the deep pulses result in very hip, fast-Leslie tones that sound cool with low tone settings and funky organ-style chord phrases. Mod 3 is another strange cross between a phaser and vibrato with a hint of tremolo-like pulsation that’s cool for propulsive arpeggios. Authentically vintage, the PhazeVibe Lite is not. But it offers a pretty wide selection of modulation shades in a compact and easy-to-afford package. PG

Test Gear: Fender Jaguar, silverface Fender Bassman with 2 X 12 cabinet, Fender Champion 600

Fender J Mascis Jazzmaster into a Fender Champ with all pedal settings at noon (or 5)


Interesting and unique modulation sounds.

Some quality concerns and cheap materials.


F-Pedals Eddie Kramer Series PhazeVibe Lite


Ease of Use:



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