Quick Hit: MXR Classic 108 Fuzz (Mini) Review

Searing silicon Fuzz Face sounds in a mini enclosure with a buffer to boot!

Fender Stratocaster and '68 Fender Bassman — BC108 output and fuzz at 100%. All volume adjustments via guitar volume.



Nice range of silicon Fuzz Face tones. Buffer switch expands sound options. Cool enclosure.

Limited control range.


MXR Classic 108 Fuzz (Mini)


Ease of Use:



Germanium Fuzz Faces get all the respect from vintage-aligned connoisseurs. But for all their many and real virtues—great attenuation dynamics, wider spectrum of fuzz shades—the searing, pure nastiness of silicon variations can be a delight. While not a Fuzz Face in name, the Classic 108 Fuzz (Mini) is essentially the same circuit that’s in Dunlop’s Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face. In terms of bang-for-buck, it’s one of the best tools for probing the silicon Fuzz Face recipe.

The basic voice (without buffer) is rich and perhaps darker and fuller than you might associate with a silicon Fuzz Face.

I’ve played several of the ’90s silicon Fuzz Faces that tarnished the pedal’s good name for a while, and this version (like several others in the Dunlop line) is a vast improvement. The basic voice (without buffer) is rich and perhaps darker and fuller than you might associate with a silicon Fuzz Face. But I love the slightly duskier shade—especially when I double down with guitar tone attenuation—and “dark” here is a very relative term. With the buffer on, the 108 is brighter and, as advertised, behaves much more predictably when there’s a wah in front. (Though I personally love the strangled chaos that comes with non-buffered wah recipes.) There’s a lot of flexibility here. Factor in the convenience of the mini enclosure and the Classic 108 adds up to a very sweet—and sweetly fuzzy—deal.

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