From Jamtrack Central, here's your chance to learn every note from the Aristocrats' debut album–with the original drum and bass backing tracks.

The Aristocrats
The Aristocrats Album Backings Deluxe


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Those who spend time scouring YouTube trying to pick up new licks know the name Guthrie Govan very well. His trio, the Aristocrats, have teamed up with Jam Track Central to present a Deluxe Edition of their self-titled debut album. In addition to the full album as a 320K MP3 download, you get Guthrie-approved transcriptions along with the corresponding guitar-less mixes of the entire album. Even after a cursory listen to the album, it goes without saying that these tracks aren't aimed at the novice player—they’re quite challenging. The grindy "Sweaty Knockers" is presented with every note Govan plays—even the comping during the bass solo. The transcriptions are in both TAB and standard notation, however, some of the more guitar-istic techniques fall a little short in the TAB due to some of Power Tab's limitations. Not a deal-breaker, because if you’re seriously considering tackling these tracks, chances are you’ll be up for the challenge of deciphering every little nuance. —Jason Shadrick

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