The progressive metal band’s sultans of shred talk about the gear on The Distance Over Time tour, including John Petrucci’s brand-new Music Man Majesty Series signature models and Myung’s potential 2020 signature bass.

And among those signature models on tour are several baritones, tagged BFR models. BFR stands for Ball Family Reserve, taken from the name of the clan that owns Music Man, and the guitars in this series boast carefully selected tonewoods. When Petrucci became interested in lower guitar tunings, like B and A, he decided baritone instruments would best suit his playing, so the wheels went into motion. This tobacco burst model has a bolt-on neck and the bridge is more squared off than the sleek, soft-V of Majesty guitars. Petrucci brought his baris on this tour because they’re the lead instrumental voice of two songs from the new The Distance Over Time: “Paralyzed” and the ballad “Out of Reach.”

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