One of Nashville’s most prolific guitarists takes us to the legendary Blackbird Studio and shows us the rig he uses in sessions for the likes of Taylor Swift, Buddy Guy, Kenny Chesney, and more.

Greenberg’s board was built by XTS using a Pedaltrain board and Voodoo Lab power supplies. The signal starts with a Boss CS-2 Compressor Sustainer then hits an Xotic RC Booster, Basic Audio Scarab, Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive, Klon Centaur, Boss GE-7 Equalizer, and a Boss TR-2 Tremolo. After the signal goes through the drawer of pedals (next photo), the signal runs back to the main board where it hits a Dunlop volume pedal that always sends a tuner-out signal to a Boss tuner and a output signal to a Boss DD-500 Digital Delay, Strymon Mobius, Strymon TimeLine, and lastly a Line 6 M9 Stompbox Modeler.