See how the twin-guitar attack rocks SGs, classic tube heads, and strategically set delays that help birth epic post-metal jams.

Pelican is a very dynamic band that relies on a crucial control of volume to create the ebb and flow of their musical journeys, and that’s why for Trevor, everything starts with a volume pedal. He’s tried them all, but he has found a friend in the Dunlop Volume X because of its wide throw. The noisemakers include a ProCo Rat, MXR Micro Amp, EQD Organizer, Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter, EQD Avalanche Run, TC Electronic Nova Delay, Boomergang III Phrase Sampler, and a Strymon Big Sky. His tuning is kept in check with a Boss TU-2 and everything comes alive thanks to a Voodoo Lab MONDO.

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