Guitarist Mike Sullivan chronicles the essential guitars, amps, and noisemakers he needs to construct the band’s instrumental post-rock sonic mayhem.

Sullivan has always been a pedal junkie and his stomp station is always in flux, but this is how it looked before the Nashville show at the Ryman: DigiTech Drop, Korg Pitchblack Mini, Dunlop DVP3 Volume Pedal, Xotic AC Booster, Strymon Dig, Strymon Flint, Akai E2 Headrush Delay/Looper, DigiTech JamMan, Bogner Wessex, Bogner Burnley, Saturnworks Pedals two-knob mixer (used controlling the dry/wet signal from his Headrush), Source Audio Nemesis, Xotic EP Booster, MXR Micro Amp, ZVEX Fuzz Factory, and a MXR Phase 90.

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