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Rig Rundown: Samantha Fish [2019]

The rising blues guitar star demos her No. 1 SG with her expanded pedalboard, and goes deep with her workhorse Jaguars, Stogie Blues cigar box, Delaney 512, Taylor acoustic, and Category 5 amps.

Samantha Fish

At one point, Fish played Delaney guitars almost exclusively, including her signature Fishocaster. You can see that instrument in our January 2013 Rig Rundown with the Kansas City, Missouri-born artist. This one’s a semi-hollow 512 with double humbuckers that she keeps in open D for slide. She uses a variety of open tunings on her songs, but changed the keys of several to D for onstage convenience. She says open tunings give her new perspectives for her songwriting.

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