This dynamic art-rock duo uses a classy combo of vintage Hofners, Gretsches, Selmers, and a few secret weapons to create a mesmerizing original sound.

Hince has a large collection of Hofner 176 and Galaxie guitars, but this sunburst 176 is his No. 1. He swapped out the stock pickups and put in three single-coil “sharkfin” or “blade” pickups from a similar Galaxie model. “They’re just the greatest pickups I’ve ever heard,” says Hince. “I like a really clear, clean sound that’s just loud—kind of distorting because it’s so loud.” Hince now puts Bigsbys on all of his guitars to help with hand dexterity after an accident impaired the middle finger of his fretting hand. Hince uses the bridge and neck pickups mostly, as well as the Treble-O-Bass, which is a tremolo bass knob for overall tone and adding low end. He keeps several Hofner 176 axes on hand in different tunings, including standard, drop D, and C#.