The modern country outlaws follow only a few rules: beefy Teles, American-voiced amps, and a healthy addiction to compression and phaser.

Longtime lead guitarist Joey Spina and his 2005 Fender Telecaster has seen the country one chip mark at a time. (The paint was starting to flake on Joey a while ago, and to aid in the process he would occasionally chip off thumbnail chunks at a time until he got to its current state that he calls “two face” or “two tone”.) Some of the instrument’s upgrades include a sanded-down neck (so it’s flatter in Joey’s palm), outfitted with Dunlop 6100 jumbo fret wire for increased playability, and it currently has a set of Custom Shop Texas Special single-coils. He waffles between the .010 sets of GHS Boomers or Progressives.

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