Maxon has announced two new pedals, the AD10 Analog Delay, and ASC10 Ambient Chorus.

Clifton, NJ (June 26, 2013) -- Godlyke is pleased to announce the release of two new Maxon models, the AD10 Analog Delay and ASC10 Ambient Stereo Chorus.

Housed in Maxon’s new Compact Series chassis, both models feature professional-grade performance at affordable prices. Common features include easy-access battery door; LED Status Indicator; 9-Volt Battery or AC power options; Buffered Bypass switching. Both models are currently shipping.

Features of the Maxon AD10 Analog Delay:

  • 600 millisecond analog delay
  • Warm, organic delay tone with low noise
  • Delay Time, Blend and Repeat controls
  • Proprietary noise filtering circuit for delay repeats
  • Capable of self-oscillation effects
  • Works in FX loop or front-end of amp
  • MSRP: $299, Street Price: $249

Features of the Maxon ASC10 Ambient Chorus:

  • Classic analog chorus circuit
  • Wide stereo split sounds like 2 guitars playing at once
  • Rate and Depth controls with extended operation range
  • Stereo outputs
  • Works in FX loop or front-end of amp
  • MSRP: $279, Street Price: $229

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