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Guerrilla Warfare Unveils the Unconventional Warfare Pickup

Guerrilla Warfare Unveils the Unconventional Warfare Pickup

Plenty of punch and attack for metal and hard rock players.

Akron, OH (April 19, 2016) -- The pickups are made with ceramic magnets and are wound for searing high gain while maintaining clarity under tons of distortion. With plenty of punch and attack these pickups are great for metal and hard rock. Unconventional Warfare pickups can be ordered individually or as a calibrated set, with either a hot neck pickup or a milder PAF-style pickup for the neck. Both neck pickup choices are harmonically balanced with the bridge pickup so you won’t loose that raw aggressive tone. Pickups come wax potted with 4-conductor shielded pickup leads. The Unconventional Warfare pickups come with Guerrilla Warfare Pickups "No Questions Asked" lifetime warranty. If you break it, send it back and we'll repair or replace it!

$105.00 each or can be purchased as a calibrated set for $195.00.

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