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Hilbish Design Introduces the Sol-Invictus Preamp Pedal

A dual-channel preamp with roots in the classic SUNN Beta Lead and Bass amplifier.

Lynchburg, VA (June 29, 2020) -- Hilbish Design releases the Sol-Invictus, a highly versatile two channel preamplifier, Bi-Amp rig, drive pedal, and direct box all wrapped in a pedal sized enclosure.

The Sol-Invictus is a dual-channel preamp based on the Hilbish Design betaPREAMP which has its roots in the classic SUNN Beta Lead and Bass amplifier. It features two channels that can be run independently or combined in parallel. Each channel features a drive control that is highly responsive to dynamic playing and can go from clean to light overdrive to full on fuzz. Both channels feature an active three band EQ and level control for maximum tone shaping.

As a preamp the Sol-Invictus can be plugged into any line level source such as a power amplifier, effects return on a guitar/bass amplifier, or mixing console.

The individual channel outputs can be run into a stereo power amplifier for the ultimate Bi-Amp rig. For example, run Channel A set up with an overdriven dirty tone into a 4x12 guitar cabinet and Channel B clean with lows boosted into a bass cabinet. This will give a gritty bass tone that maintains low-end with maximum control!

The instrument level output turns the Sol-Invictus into a highly versatile drive pedal. You can easily get overdrive, distortion, and fuzz tones out of it, and use one channel to blend in clean tones, or switch between two different drive tones. The possibilities are endless!

The Sol-Invictus also includes a balanced TRS output for DI applications. There are two footswitches for channel control, one for switching between channels A and B, and another to combine them in parallel. The third switch is used to bypass the preamp when using the instrument output, and mute the preamp when using any of the line level outputs.

The folded 14 gauge powder coated steel enclosure was designed to survive just about anything you can throw at it and with exclusive artwork by graphic designer Mackie Osborne the pedal stands out on stage.


  • Two identical channels that can be run independently or in parallel
  • Each channel feature a Drive control that can go from squeaky clean to completely fuzzed out
  • Active 3-band EQ allows for maximum tone sculpting.
  • Extensive IO includes instrument and line level outputs, independent outputs for each channel for BI-AMP rigs, and a balanced output for DI applications
  • Three footswitches allow for complete control over channel switching

The Pessimiser is available for $350. They can be purchased at select retailed and directly from Hilbish Design at

Watch the company's video demo:

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