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Hotone Launches the Nano Legacy Floor Series Loudster

Hotone Launches the Nano Legacy Floor Series Loudster

A 75-watt power amp that's designed for players that rely on effects pedals, amp modelers, and other processors.

Hicksville, NY (August 29, 2018) -- Today, Hotone announces the release of the Loudster, a compact, portable floor-based power amplifier that’s well suited for guitar players that rely on effects pedals, amp modelers, and other processors to produce their sound. The Loudster is the latest addition to Hotone’s Nano Legacy Floor Series and is perfect for traveling and gigging musicians looking for an alternative to their traditional amp setup, and allowing them to house their entire rig on just one pedalboard. The Hotone Loudster is available now for $199.99 at most MI retailers.

With an increasing number of guitar players saying no to hauling around big, bulky amp rigs, many are now hooking up digital multi-effects to run straight to the house. However, most players still want to hear an amplified sound through a dedicated speaker cabinet. And that’s where the Loudster acts as the middleman between the player’s favorite amp tone and a speaker cabinet. Any preamp, amp modeling unit or pedal effect that’s put in front of the Loudster will receive a boost of up to 75 watts of output power to 4–16Ω cabinets, with a single knob controlling the overall volume in real time.

Designed to fit directly on a pedalboard or in a gig bag, the 75-watt Loudster is the perfect combination of power, portability and convenience for active guitar players. With the Hotone Loudster Portable Floor Amplifier at the end of a FX chain, guitarists can forget about carrying a heavy amp around and simply plug into any cabinet.

Loudster Key Features:

  • Compact, portable floor power amplifier
  • 75 watts of output power for effects pedals, amplifier modelers and other processors
  • Single, large volume knob
  • Single speaker output for use with 4–16Ω cabinets
  • High impedance input
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Included 18–20V DC (center positive) power supply

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