Hungry Robot Pedals Announces the Midnight Sun

A dynamic tone-shaping boost with a parametric mid-notch.

Cedar Falls, IA (December 16, 2015) -- The Midnight Sun is not your run-of-the-mill clean boost; it is a dynamic tone-shaping boost with a parametric mid-notch.

Most boosts on the market are very similar and simply consist of a few parts strung together to form single gain stage. The Midnight Sun is more than just a simple volume boost. It makes use of two gain stages and a specially designed tonestack that creates a significant mid-notch, making it a unique toneshaping tool. Most amps have a mid control but they usually fall short in creating a true mid-notch. Chimey, dynamic and raw come to mind when describing a mid-notch guitar tone and is great for blues.

The Tone knob acts more as a parametric EQ than a traditional tone knob. The Tone knob changes the frequency that the mid-notch is centered around. The MIDS toggle sets the depth of the notch as well as the frequency range. The left position gives you a strong high-mid presence and a deeper notch for an overall more jangly tone. The right position has a strong low-mid presence and a subtler notch to give it a more woody quality.

$124 street

For more information:
Hungry Robot

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