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J. Rockett Audio Designs Releases The Revolver

J. Rockett Audio Designs Releases The Revolver

J. Rockett and famed amp designer Mark Sampson team up for The Revolver, a take on the pitch shifting effect found on old Magnatone amps.

Nashville, TN (September 2, 2013) -- J. Rockett Audio Designs has announced a new collaboration with Mark Sampson, the iconic tone guru famed for his distinctively voiced amps. Sampson, one of the creators of Matchless Amps and one of the most acclaimed amp designers in history has put his magic touch on a new series of pedals for J. Rockett Audio Designs.

The collaboration produces a second design with the release of the J. Rocket Audio Designs Revolver a stereo splitter/boost/vibe.

The Revolver is a re-creation of a classic pitch shifting vibe similar to that of a Magnatone amp. The Revolver has a unique spin because the effect is available in mono or stereo. This vibe is interesting in the fact that it can be a stereo splitter first and foremost giving you that classic “Sampson” chime from the boost section. Since there is a dual mono output it can be used as a stand-alone mono boost as well. Once you have achieved your particular sound from the boost section you can then bring in the vibe effect at your discretion in either mono or stereo, this is where the pedal gets mesmerizing. The mono vibe is a beautiful pulsing effect that adds a soulful rhythm to your sound and this on top of the Sampson chime is very engaging. You can then select the stereo mode taking the sound into a whole different dimension. Stereo mode recreates classic rotating speaker sounds alternating left/right and pitch shifting when “Odd” mode is selected. When even mode is selected both sides will pulse and pitch simultaneously. To monitor the effect the left LED will not only pulse in time with the vibe speed but will indicate vibe intensity by illuminating brighter for high intensity and dimmer for low intensity. Select either output A or B for slightly different mono vibe sounds.

TRevolver features include:

  • 6 controls: Volume, Depth, Tone, Speed, (mono/stereo or standard/pitch) and (odd/even)
  • Foot switchable for Vibe effect
  • Approximately 15db boost
  • 9V DC operation with standard 9V input sleeve
  • Approximately 5” x 3” in size
  • True bypass switching

TIn contrast to most vibe effects we were not trying to recreate the Univibe effect – The subtleties of the Revolver are quite interesting and if you listen closely you can hear pitch shifting, slight wah effect and interplay between L/R that creates a sound unique to the vibe world. When you add that and the unmistakable Mark Sampson signature chime it really creates an inspirational tool.

There has never been a pedal that offers the ability to split your existing mono rig into a chiming stereo rig and supply a world class and unique vibe effect...until now.

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