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J. Rockett Audio Designs Unveils Tim Pierce Signature Overdrive

Legendary session guitarist Tim Pierce teams up with J. Rockett for a two-in-one overdrive/boost pedal.

Nashville, TN (September 27, 2013) -- J. Rockett Audio Designs has announced a new collaboration with Tim Pierce, the iconic session man famed for his participation in some of the most legendary recordings of all time.

Pierce, a 30 + year veteran of the session world and still one of the most recorded guitarists around has put his magic touch on a collaboration pedal design with J. Rockett Audio Designs.

The Tim Pierce Signature OD/Power Amp is a re-creation of one of Tim’s favorite amp tones of all time, the Naylor Super Drive 60. The Super Drive 60 amp was used on numerous recordings by Pierce and was a signature tone that helped shape many hit songs over the years. The Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost delivers that rich, smooth tone with articulation and impact just a like a Super Drive 60. With the separate bass and treble control the pedal gives you extend EQ choices. The Power Amp section of the pedal supplies a fat yet harmonically rich boost that emulates the 5881 power tube section of a Naylor Super Drive 60. Both sides of the pedal can be operated independently or cascaded together giving you extreme flexibility. Lastly, the Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost maintains the inherent tone of any guitar it is in front of creating a very natural amp like guitar sound.


  • 5 controls: Bass, Treble, Volume, Gain and Power Amp
  • Foot switchable for both sides independent or cascaded
  • Approximately 15db boost
  • 9V DC operation with standard negative tip 9V input sleeve
  • Approximately 5” x 3” in size
  • True bypass switching

The Tim Pierce Signature OD/Power Amp carries a $259.00 street price.

Watch the company's video demo:

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