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JAM Pedals Releases the LucyDreamer Supreme

A two-in-one pedal that features a dry/wet mix, high/low gain toggle, and an independent boost circuit.

Athens, Greece (September 13, 2017) -- For the past few months since its unveiling at the 2017 NAMM show, we have been copiously calibrating and perfecting the LucyDreamer Supreme, and the time has come for us to share it with you!

A first for JAM pedals, the LucyDreamer Supreme comes with a slew of functions that make sense. The ,level, tone, and gain controls offer complete command over the overdrive sound with sweet spots throughout its gain range, allowing users to fine tune it to their specific style. The high/low gain toggle helps users get sounds ranging from barely hairy to full-blown overdriven tube-style saturation! The dry/wet mix allows the user to adjust the ratio between the overdriven and clean signal, opening up the road to pick-sensitive, chimey, bell-like tones with supreme definition and dynamic range. The dry/wet mix is also controllable via an expression pedal, granting the user unprecedented real-time creative control!

All this, alongside a powerful new guitar-friendly boost, which we carefully voiced to compliment the overdrive side when running either in pre or post mode. The boost is independently accessible via a dedicated foot switch and retains the open, harmonically rich sound of the LucyDreamer Supreme without compressing it.

You can set the internal trimmer to the minimum value (default position) and employ the dedicated boost expression as a volume pedal!

Overdrive Controls:

  • Right Footswitch: Engages the Overdrive Circuit
  • L: Level of Overdrive Circuit
  • T: Tone of Overdrive Circuit
  • G: Gain Range of Overdrive Circuit
  • M: Adjusts the ratio between the Clean and Overdriven Signal (Dry / Wet Mix)
  • Toggle: Choose between High and Low gain modes

Boost Controls:

  • Left Footswitch: Engages the Boost Circuit
  • B: Level of Boost Circuit
  • Toggle: Sets the position of the Boost – Pre or Post – relative to the OD
  • Internal Trimmer: Determines the minimum Boost Level; setting the trimmer to the minimum value, allows you to use the Boost as a master volume control with an Expression pedal

Expression Inputs:

We incorporated a couple of expression inputs that grant maximum creative control and versatility.

  • The EXP MIX expression IN, allows you to regulate the ratio between your clean and overdriven signal, while
  • the EXP BOOST expression IN allows you to determine the amount of Boost / Cut you wish to apply.

The LucyDreamer Supreme carries a street price of $249.00.

Watch the company's video demo:

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