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Jensen Speakers Unveils the Jet Raptor

Jensen Speakers Unveils the Jet Raptor

The speaker is rated at 100 watts and features a ceramic magnet.

Tempe, AZ (May 10, 2018) -- The Jensen Jet Raptor is a powerful speaker with smooth and warm sound. It has excellent definition in the upper midrange. When presented with overdrive distortion, it exhibits a silky, full sounding lead tone.

The Raptor’s 100 watts of power and its ceramic magnet make it a real workhorse. As with all the Jensen Jet’s, it offers modern tone for the modern player.

Jensen works very closely with musician and engineers to create speakers that are the most efficient and tone pleasing in the industry.

Visit for full detailed specifications and sound samples of all the Jensen Speaker. These speakers are now available – Call your local Jensen Dealer!

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