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JHS Introduces the Twin Twelve

JHS Introduces the Twin Twelve

A pedal that emulates the Silvertone 1484 "Twin Twelve" amplifier.

Kansas City, MO (November 12, 2014) -- JHS Pedals is proud to release a new pedal November 10th, 2014 and it will be available in quantity at authorized Dealers worldwide. The Twin Twelve is a faithful reproduction of the classic tones found only in the Silvertone 1484 "Twin Twelve" guitar amplifier that was produced for a few years during the 1960's. The sound of the Twin Twelve has been made famous for decades by artists such as Beck, Death Cab For Cutie, The White Stripes / Jack White, and more recently Vampire Weekend and Coldplay. It was loved by thousands of players and students who ordered it from the Sears catalogs and it was made a staple of bands all through the 60's. With a unique timbre and character, the Twin Twelve offers up a different flavor of boost, overdrive and sagging amp tones.

MAP $199

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