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Joyo Audio Launches the R-15 PreAmp House

Each of the nine different modes aims to cop the tones of classic amps.

Shenzhen, China (November 21, 2019) -- Joyo Audio launches the R-15 Preamp House, which aims to deliver nine classic preamps in one pedal!

It has 65 Twin / JCM 900 / AC 30 / LONESTAR / DUAL RECTIFIER / 5150â…¢ / POWERBALL / TH200 / BE100 and more, each amp features clean channel and distortion channel and can be switched by footswitches (18 tones in all)! Due to the two-channel design, you can switch easily between a Fender-style clean and a Marshall-style distortion!

One built-in cabinet simulation facilitates stage performance. FX LOOP interface for external FX pedal, balanced Output. Preamp House is an user-friendly and stable tone solution for musicians who perform and record frequently.


  • 9 preamps, 18 tones.
  • Cabinet simulator available.
  • Dual footswtich for A and B channel.
  • XLR output.
  • Ambient light on rear, and front.

The R-15 carries street price of $169.99, and it's available at global Joyo dealers.

Watch the company's video demo:

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