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Keeley Electronics Announces the D&M Drive

A dual-stage overdrive with switchable routing designed in collaboration with Daniel Steinhardt and Mick Taylor.

Edmond, OK (May 4, 2017) -- Keeley Electronics is proud to announce the D&M Drive​, a dual stage overdrive with switchable routing. The D&M Drive is a collaboration with Daniel Steinhardt and Mick Taylor, hosts of the hit YouTube series, That Pedal Show.

The D&M Drive is a dual overdrive that brings together Dan’s full-range overdrive/distortion on one side, and Mick’s more mid-humped boosty drive on the other. Each side can be used completely independently, or stacked into one another in either order So whether you like the super-gained harmonic bliss of boost into drive, or the solo lifting punch of drive into boost – and anything in between - the D&M Drive has you covered.

In addition, users of loop-based switching systems have the option of using TRS cables into the ‘in’ and ‘out’ jacks to separate each side of the D&M Drive into completely separate loops.

“The world needs another overdrive pedal like a hole in the head,” laughs Daniel. “But even so, we couldn’t find a dual overdrive pedal that offers this particular combination of sounds. We had a conversation with Robert, and to our surprise he was totally into the idea – the guys at Keeley have absolutely nailed it.”

“It’s come from our love of stacking overdrives,” adds Mick. “Before Dan and I started doing That Pedal Show, neither of us really used the kind of drives that the other one liked. Obviously we’d heard them, but it was stacking them together simply out of experimentation for the show that provided the lightbulb moment. People talk about ‘foundation overdrive’ sounds. That’s what this is for me and Dan.”

Robert Keeley adds: “On the Boost side, it’s somewhere in between a clean boost like the high voltage Keeley Katana and a germanium modded professional overdrive. The D&M Drive delivers insane amounts of headroom and a distinct mid-range voice can be dialed in to give you the lead voicing you dream of. Dialed in to give you the punch and clarity of a horn yet subtle and smooth in saturation to give you warm overdrive and tons of sustain. Expect it to work well with any amp or rig.

On the Drive side, it simply delivers. From its lowest settings where you feel like you’ve discovered the perfect pro sounding overdrive to the roar of a high end amp. This side of the D&M packs a heavily saturated punch. The headroom on this side of the pedal is no slouch, use it to find that delicate balance between drive and amp saturation for the core of your tone. Turn up the Drive to give you a dynamic and searing tube-like gain that excels in sustain. Designed for quick attack with plenty of high and low end. Rich harmonic gain and sustain with dynamics is what this side offers.” The Keeley Electronics D&M Drive is available at Keeley Electronics and dealers worldwide. Street Price is $229. Visit for more information about the full lineup of award-winning Keeley Electronics effects.

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