A new, expansive approach to high gain tone.

Edmond, OK (March 31, 2017) -- Keeley Electronics is proud to announce the Filaments​, a high-gain distortion that covers all gain territories, from classic-rock crunch to ultra-modern, crushingly defined distortion.

With the Filament’s abundance of knobs and switches, the tone-shaping possibilities are sure to appease player’s tastes across the board. With 7 tone shaping options, you are sure to find the sound you are looking for. The Filaments offers classic controls such as Level, Gain, Bass and Treble, as well as a Presence knob, which simulates proximity to your speaker. Also included is a Body knob, which boosts the ‘meat’ of the distortion, adding ‘oomph’ to the signal that pushes the sound into the aforementioned modern gain territory. Roll the Presence and Body knobs back, and you are taken back in time to a clean, pure vintage distortion sound.

The Filaments also boasts 3 external switches, further adding to tonal possibilities. The Boost switch slams the front end of the circuit with even more gain and output volume. The Bright switch offers a high frequency boost or cut, perfect for dialing in searing leads or pounding rhythm tones. The Crunch switch activates an additional diode in the signal path; flip the Crunch switch up for a more open, uncompressed tone, down for a compressed, battering ram distortion. The Filaments is a True Bypass pedal, designed to work with any amplifier.

Simply put, the Filaments is a distortion for fans of dimed hi-gain tube amps. We’ve been told that the Filaments is “A distortion pedal for people who have never found the ‘right’ distortion pedal.”

The Keeley Electronics Filaments is available at Keeley Electronics and dealers worldwide. Street Price is $189. Visit www.rkfx.com for more information about the full lineup of award-winning Keeley Electronics effects.

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