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Keeley Electronics Unveils the Monterey

Keeley Electronics Unveils the Monterey

Three modulation effects that have vintage elements, but with modern control.

Edmond, OK (March 24, 2016) -- Keeley Electronics today announced it is shipping their new Monterey effect pedal. The Monterey is a boutique hand-made mutli-effect unit. It produces 3 modulation effects, octave and vintage fuzz.

The Monterey is the latest release in Keeley’s Workstation Series. The Monterey produces Rotary and U-Vibe sounds as well as a Harmonic Tremolo that are all vintage inspired but with modern interpretations and control. Add to that Octave Up or Down and Fuzz and you have a complete workstation for sounds from the past to funky, fuzzy, lo-fi, blues, testosterone rock.

The Monterey offers Rate and Depth and Volume controls for the modulation effects. The Rate Control for modulation effects can be controlled with a standard expression pedal foot controller. This allows users to foot control the rotary speaker cabinet sounds of the tweeter horn, or the rate of the deep phasery Vibe, or the rate of the vocal-like Harmonic Wah. With the Depth turned off, the Harmonic Wah becomes a standard wah pedal when you add the foot controller. This allows players to create a huge range of textures while playing. The Fuzz side is based on the vintage two transistor design and uses 1960s vintage Fairchild transistors. The low gain transistors offer an incredible range of fuzz, just the right amount of edge and smoothness. It works well with a buffer and volume control dynamics are easy. The order of the effects can be switched internally for those that want to have fuzz after modulation or after the octave for a whole new wealth of tones. The Octave control adds adjustable amounts of Octave Up or Octave Down tones, set to the middle, the control gives you just your original guitar tone. The multi effect units are hand-made and true bypass.

The Keeley Electronics Monterey is available at Keeley Electronics and dealers worldwide. Street Price is $299.

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